Tropico 6 on XBox One: Where to find the Nuclear Program and Nuclear Power Plant [with pics]

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In the first Tropico 6 mission on XBox One, one of the paths to victory is via the Nuclear Program and Nuclear Power Plant. But they don't tell you in the tutorials how to access some of these things. Rest assured that yes you can do it, even the first mission. The solution is easy once you know how, here it is with pics.

Nuclear Program

Step 1

On the build menu, go to research and education as shown in the image below:

Screenshot of Step 1: Tropico 6 on XBox One - where to find nuclear program

Step 2

Then, while on the screen above, just hit the right bumper to toggle to the overflow options. This is when there are too many options to fit on the circle. The Nuclear Program will be on that screen, as shown below:

Screenshot of step 2: Where to find the Nuclear Program on Tropico 6 on XBox One

There. Now you can select Nuclear Program. It's really easy, but they don't bother telling you that in the tutorial! Which is crazy. They do show an LB/RB toggle below the construction circle, you can see it in both the pics above, but at first I never noticed it while I was playing.

This method of toggling to the items that overflow is a general feature of the build menu on Tropico 6 on XBox One, so you can use it for other things. I recommend browsing other build categories too, you might be pleasantly surprised at what's available to you in the game.

Nuclear Power Plant

Once you've completed Nuclear Program, you'll want to build Nuclear Power Plant. This will be under the Roads and Infrastructure category in the build menu (the one at the top of the circle), then hit RB to toggle to the overflow. Your screen should now look like this, with the Nuclear Power Plant option visible:

Screenshot of where to find the Nuclear Power Plant on Tropico 6 for XBox One


Yes you can build the nuclear program and the nuclear power plant in Tropico 6 for XBox One.

This page was last updated on 18 May 2021.