Fortnite words and what they mean - SMG, bot, and more

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Screenshot of Fortnite game in progress

Have you heard some words in Fortnite but you're not sure about the meaning? For example, bot, SMG, hacker, and more. Don't worry, you'll get the answers here.


SMG means Submachine Gun. It's one of the best weapons in Fortnite, although the downside is that it uses a lot of ammo. If you don't have a lot of ammunition, it won't be that helpful to you.


A hacker is someone who is basically cheating in Fortnite somehow. Usually this is done using mods on a computer. If their gun moves really fast, they could be using an aimbot that automatically aims the gun to any target in range. It's really hard when you're playing Fortnite and a hacker is targeting you.


AR means Assault Rifle. It's an average gun in Fortnite.


AFK means Away From Keyboard, and it's not just used for Fortnite, it's language for gaming in general. An example is "Hey guys, I'll be AFK for a bit because I'm getting a drink." You can still say you're AFK even if you're on a console that doesn't have a keyboard. The meaning is the same: you'll be away for a bit but you'll be back soon and you're not quitting the game.


A bot is a computer-generated character. There is no human playing that character. Bots have lower than average skill levels, compared to human players. Bots exist because otherwise only the best human players would stay on Fortnite and new human players would have too hard of a time playing. New players would just get killed by the best human players. Bots allow newer players to still have some success by killing bots.

You can sometimes spot a Fortnite bot because they might run in a random direction or do other things that seem inexplicable. On the other hand, new players do that too, so it's hard to distinguish between a bot and a new player. Bots will often have usernames that sound very random, like they were generated by a random name generator, so that might give you the best clue of whether a character is a bot.

This page was last updated on 18 May 2021.