How to fix a stuck camera angle viewpoint in Tropico 5 on XBox One

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After a natural disaster in Tropico 5 such as a flood or tsunami, you'll often wind up with your XBox One viewpoint stuck at a weird sideways flat angle. This can make it extremely hard to place new items, look at your country, and so much more. Rest assured there is an easy fix for this!

So your screen is probably looking something like the image below with the flat angle. It doesn't look too bad at first glance, until you find it's really hard to place anything!

The problem:

Below: Screenshot of flat camera angle on Tropico 5 on XBox One.

Screenshot of Tropico 5 camera viewpoint stuck at a weird angle in XBox One - how to fix

The solution:

To get back to your normal camera angle, simply hold RT (the right trigger) at the same time as you change the zoom angle. So it's basically just a normal zoom, but with RT held during it.

Here is a screenshot of the same bit after fixing it:

Below: Screenshot of same part of world as previous pic, but with camera angle fixed

Screenshot of Tropico 5 on XBox One with camera view fixed to top viewpoint

That was easy! Now you can get on with your mission and hopefully win the game.


I feel like this issue is a bit of a bug. Yes, the sideways camera angle is dramatic during a natural disaster, but it would actually make more sense for them to either a) stick with your normal camera angle the whole time or b) automatically restore your camera angle after a natural disaster.

In any case, it's good to know that there is a fix you can do.

This page was last updated on 05 Jun 2020.