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Congratulations! If you have a new console or new game and need to come up with a great gamertag, you'll love our free gamertag generator here at SeaFlood.

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Great gamertags

This is the place to be when you're looking for a fantastic gamertag. We know you're short on time - you want to get to that new game or new console ASAP! We hear you. That's why SeaFlood is the best place to pick a great new gaming identity for you.

Features of our tags

  • Gaming-oriented. These are not boring username tags for emails or Twitter, although you could still use them for that if you wanted to. The terms we use in our generator are ones that will appeal to a gamer.
  • Stands the test of time. You won't find toddler-age tags like "BabyUnicorn" or anything like that. These tags will work for you now and 10 years down the track.
  • Just a little bit off the beaten path to be less likely to be taken already. The tags are not the absolute first thing anyone's going to think of, so while it's definitely gamer-oriented, they're just a tiny bit different. There's no guarantee that the tags we suggest are going to be available, but we've done our best based on our own recent experience with gaming systems.


If you don't find a tag you like at first glance, just press the Generate New button. There's no limit to how many times you can do it! Always have more than one gamertag in mind when you're first going to set up your profile on your new console or game. That way you're not back to square one if your favorite tag is already taken by someone else. So feel free to get trigger-happy on that Generate New button!

If you're absolutely set on a tag but it's already taken, consider reversing it so the first word comes second and vice versa.

You can also consider adding numbers to your desired tag, but we don't recommend that unless you have to. The reason is that when you're telling your friends your gamertag IRL it's way too easy to forget what the numbers are. Worse, they may accidentally try to friend a total stranger by putting in the wrong number. Don't worry, there are still good tags available out there that don't rely on you adding numbers to them.



SeaFlood is a free gamertag generator. Enjoy!

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